Hey guys, Kronous/Jerry here.

So it came to our attention today that our mods are being re-uploaded to sites like Modhub, and while we would prefer you download our mods from our site to ensure you are getting the cutting edge versions we can’t stop you all from doing you.

Here is the thing, We CAN and WILL have any and all links that make money off of our mods removed when we find them, again we understand we can’t really prevent you from reuploading our mods because I have no want to sit here and police you guys 24/7.
If you do re-upload our items please do so only using links that are NOT monetized.
This means no uploading to places like Modsbase or Sharemods.

Here is the thing, We don’t charge for our mods, and we don’t make any money for our mods, we don’t monetize our links and we made a conscious decision to not make money off of the links, and we don’t appreciate other people trying to make money off of the hard work our modders have done.
We want to provide you guys with High-Quality mods from sources that don’t spam you with advertisements when you download them and if it were possible we would self-host all of our own mods but currently Modhub and Media Fire are the only Approved mirrors of our links other then from this site.


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